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Emergency HVAC Services in San Antonio

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You depend on your heating and cooling system, so a problem with either one can easily constitute an emergency. When your heater gives out on a cold winter night or your air conditioner dies in the middle of a sweltering afternoon, you need someone who an come to your home and get your issue fixed right away. At Flo-Rite Mechanical, we’re here to help you, and we provide round-the-clock availability for emergency repairs and services so you can go back to living your life in comfort as soon as possible.

At Flo-Rite Mechanical, we know how frustrating it can be to try to stay warm when the heater gives out or cool off when you have no air conditioner. The stress of this type of problem can be exhausting, so why deal with it if you don’t have to? When your air conditioner or heater doesn’t wait until business hours to give you trouble, you shouldn’t have to wait until business hours to reach out for help. Whether your job is large or small, you can count on us to be there for you, accurately diagnose the problem, and provide you with the fix that gets rid of the problem for good.

When you have a heating or cooling emergency, call Flo-Rite Mechanical right away and let us get it fixed as soon as possible.

Do I Have an Emergency?

Think your problem isn’t really an “emergency?” You may be surprised. Most landlords and property rental companies actually consider a broken air conditioner or heater to be an emergency requiring immediate action, similar to a burst pipe or blown electrical circuit. Even if you own your own home, you should still treat one of these issues seriously and get the attention you need right away.

You should call for emergency repairs if:

  • Your system unexpectedly turns off and refuses to turn on again
  • You smell burning plastic or rubber coming from your system
  • Your system starts making loud noises
  • You hear sparking, cracking, or other signs of an electrical noise
  • You smell leaking natural gas

Each of the problems listed above could cause your air conditioner to stop working, or it could continue to work through it anyway. In any case, you should cease any and all use of your system if you detect any of these issues and call for help right away. Your system will need to be inspected to figure out what’s causing the issue.

Strange Smells in the First Heat of the Season?

One thing that many people often misconstrue as an emergency, however, is the first heat of the season. Over time, dust and dirt can settle on your burner, heating elements, and other parts of your furnace or heating system, and the first heat of the season is what causes them to burn up and clear away. This creates a strange smell during the first heat of the winter season, but it’s not one you usually have to worry about. The problem usually disappears within a few short hours and your heater should go on to work just fine. If the smell doesn’t dissipate, then you should reach out for professional help immediately.

Emergency Commercial Services

Your business depends on your heating and cooling equipment just as much as residential customers, and issues could present dire emergencies that need immediate solutions. Your customers, employees, and even your inventory and equipment all depend on a carefully controlled indoor climate, so you need quality repairs right away when something goes wrong. We can come to you at any time, during business hours or not, and give you the solution you need to go back to operating as normal.

Give your furnace the care it deserves; contact Flo-Rite Mechanical today.

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